Construction projects

Our company provides design services for projects
design and implementation. We offer:

Design of steel structures:

  • trusses and
  • plate girder structures,
  • supporting structures of industrial halls, pavilions commercial buildings
  • utilities,
  • Housing halls, industrial and commercial,
  • walkways, bridges, viaducts,
  • steel tanks and furnaces,
  • steel chimneys,
  • platforms and stairs,
  • steel fences,
  • modernization of existing buildings in the steel structure;

Reinforced concrete construction projects in the area:

  • foundations for buildings, industrial halls and commercial machinery and equipment,
  • ground beams, retaining walls,
  • reinforced concrete structural elements of walls and ceilings of buildings,
  • floors, stairs,
  • modernization of existing buildings in reinforced concrete,
  • Reinforced concrete framework buildings;


  • Projects tracks and roadway crane suspended and ground;
  • Inventories construction;
  • Technical opinions.