Dear Sir or Madam

P.P.B. MOSTOSTAL BĘDZIN Sp. o.o. happy to express their adherence to working with you in the field of investment works, modernization, repair and maintenance in the following sectors:

design – all specialties
construction – all specialties
technological and environmental
installation and energy equipment
corrosion protection work
revitalization and reclamation budynkoów and industrial areas
We offer our services as a company specialized implementing complex industrial facilities and public utilities in the General Contractor with foundations, floors, installations
electric and water and sewage. We provide fast, efficient
and high-quality execution of Our works.

We employ qualified engineers and technicians, as well as specialized staff assembly. Assembly work is performed using high performance and modern equipment,
using specialized assembly technologies.

P.P.B. MOSTOSTAL BĘDZIN Sp. o.o. It is prepared mainly for design work, execution of steel structures and to conduct even the most complex assembly of steel structures and devices of all kinds, as well as renovation work.

We have our own design studio, own office General Contractor with specialized supervision in various industries
including construction and assembly, electrical energy, and others.