The company P.P.B. “MOSTOSTAL Będzin” Sp. o.o. It was established entry in the Commercial Register of the District Court Department of the Economic VIII
Registered in Katowice Department B. No. 6682 on 21.06.1991r.
Our company was founded on the traditions, experience
and staff Enterprises Steel Construction and Industrial Equipment MOSTOSTAL Będzin State Enterprise. it was created the transformation of Design Studio Mostostal Będzin then
State Enterprise into an independent economic entity
in the form of Sp. o.o. From that moment Company operates continuously until the present moment. The scope of our activity is the construction industry, in the initial period of development, and since 1996 also the realization of objectsconstruction general contracting within the Office of Engineering.
By 2000 th 65% of the shares were in the hands of its employees,
while 35% had Mostostal Będzin S. A.
At the beginning of 2000, current Board focused in their hands 100% of the shares and holds them to this day, which allows for quick decision-making.

P.P.B. MOSTOSTAL BĘDZIN Sp. z o. o. is the engineering company.

We carry out industrial and public utilities in the General Contractor. We provide quick and efficient execution of the work.

We employ highly qualified engineering-technical and
specialized staff assembly.

We are prepared primarily for prefabrication
steel, to carry out even very complex assembly
steel and all kinds of equipment and renovation work.

We have our own design studio, own office General Contractor supervision in various industries.